Weight and Calories, March 2017

Ok, here is the weight and calories for the last 3 weeks or so.  What did I learn from this?

  • The weight is pretty stable.  The good new is that I didn’t gain fat, the bad news is that I didn’t gain any muscle.
  • When I was maintaining 1500 calories, I overate once in ~6 days.  When I went down to 1200 calories, I starting overeating every other day.  So, 1200 is definitely too little for me.
  • In the last week or so, I was eating an average of 1700 calories, and my weight is slowly going up.  So, my maintenance calories are ~1500-1600.

So here is the plan:

I’ll eat 1500 or so on low days, and around 1700 on heavy workout days.  I’ll also need to do some measurements, so I can see if I am gaining where I need to.

Calories Weight 2017-03-30

Body pics, 48.6 kg

Ok, so here is what I look like at 48.6 kg.

The first thing that I’d like to improve is to get bigger on top. I need to gain some weight on back, chest, arms and shoulders.

I also need to gain more muscle on the legs.  The fact that I’m pear shaped, and have all my fat on butt and legs, is skewing the way I look, so I almost stopped exercising my legs, and focusing only on the upper half.  That might have been a mistake.  I can tell how little muscles I have on the legs.  This pictures are taken in nice tight pants that give nice shape to my legs, but in reality there is too much fat, and the muscle underneath looks very weak.

I am realizing that I have been going all wrong about this in previous years.  I tried to lose weight, ate very little, under 1000 calories a day (estimated) for years.  So my metabolism was very slow, my body was hanging to all the fat I had, and I could never gain any muscles on top, no matter how I tried.

So, now I’ll be going about this differently.  I’ll be eating more to gain more muscle.  I also will limit cardio to 20 minutes a session, and not do cardio every time I work out.  I would love to see no gain of fat or very little gain, because I hate seeing my butt get bigger (also, pants problems).  But if I can gain visibly more muscle on top, and balance my body out, I’ll be happy with that.  In a choice between looking like a strong horse and a fairy, I choose the horse.